Penal Colony by Robert S. Close

The Island of DR. Moreau by H.G. Wells

Ace books entered the paperback field in 1952 by offering double novels, usually edited by Donald A. Wollheim. These contained two complete novels, with individual covers. In 1954, they began offering single standard novels and continued alternating throughout the series. Outstanding authors in this series were Louis L'Amour, Day Keene, Harry Whittington, Robert Bloch, William Irish and others. They used some of the top artists for their covers such as Norman Saunders, Frank Frazetta, Robert Maguire and Roy Krenkel.     
Ace D 1-100
Ace D 101-200
Ace D 201-300
Ace D 301-400
Ace D 401-500
Ace D 501-599
Ace F 101-200
Ace F 201-300
Ace F 301-430
Ace G 501-600
Ace G 601-700
Ace G 701-766
Ace H 1-106
Ace K 100-200
Ace K 201-307
Ace M 100-165
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